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VerrasSing Madieke Marjon Schoots, Christine Petrou, Joline Soomers.
Leon van Wijk.
June 2, 2022. VerrasSing (Surprise) in the Chapel. Being in Maastricht for the André Rieu concerts, you could book more concerts! JSO-members Christine Petrou, Madieke Schoots and Joline Soomers, will perform three concerts. For more information click on the picture.
Cellites’ Chapel Cellebroederskapel: Cellebroedersstraat 4, 6211 PK Maastricht. Entrance via the monumental gate at the Brusselsestraat 58. (7) on the map below.
Concert tickets: € 22,50, included : Limburg flan, coffee/tea, glass of prosecco. Concerts: Sunday July 10 at 2.30 pm Thursday July 14 at 4 pm Sunday July 24 at 2.30 pm
This ensemble is a real treat. Wonderful songs, they even tap danced two songs!! They told us that they took lessons with Stephanie Detry’s husband in their tap dance school in Liège, Belgium. Leon van Wijk with his accordion was the special guest. He accompanied the sopranos and played a solo piece by Astor Piazzolla. When the performance had finished we got the occasion to talk to the sopranos and make photos. We also spotted Teun, Micaëla and Ellie in the audience and they were so kind to make photos with us too.
Tap dancing.
Duration of the video: 30 minutes.
The “VerrasSing” ensemble was started during the Corona lock down (2020 - 2021). The three sopranos sang distance proof for people in care centers to give them some entertainment. If you want to know more about their activities back then, click HERE. We created three pages on this website about how André and the orchestra members spent their days during the long lock down.
To read an article about Joline, click HERE. To read articles about Madieke (and Frank), please click HERE. To read more about Christine, click HERE. To read more about Stephanie’s (and her husband’s) tap dance school, click HERE.
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