Windsor Waltz For HM Queen Elizabeth II
L1 news March 22, 2016. Today in Maastricht: André Rieu accompanies HM Queen Elizabeth II on the red carpet from his castle and they drove in a Limousine to the Vrijthof. What is going on?? “André Rieu composes a waltz for the British Queen. Orchestra leader and violinist Andre Rieu records a waltz specially for the 90th birthday of the British queen. This is being reported by 1Limburg (local media) and the Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf”. HM Queen Elizabeth II will reach the age of 90 on April 21st 2016. For the accompanying video clip, a look alike of the Queen arrived in Maastricht this Monday morning. The video clip will show Rieu and the British 'Queen' walking the red carpet. From the violinist's castle the couple went to the Vrijthof Square in a Limousine, where they also made recordings. It's not the first time Rieu composes a piece of music for the British royal house. To honor the British Queen's jubilee a few years ago, Rieu already composed a Coronation Waltz. Later Rieu composed a waltz for the inauguration of King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands (also called the Coronation Waltz)”. We can see that the “King” and the “Queen” have much fun together! And we look forward to see the video clip of the Windsor Waltz! “Style lookalikes” revealed us the name of the Queen Lookalike: Mary Reynolds, from Harrow, Middlesex, UK. Thank you “Style Lookalikes” for your mail!
Below you may watch a preview of the video clip. We loved the Corgis!!
February 26, 2016 Windsor Waltz. HM Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 90th birthday on April 21st 2016. She is Britain’s longest reigning monarch. André Rieu composed a waltz for her 90th birthday, which was premiered by John Suchet on Febr. 26, at Classic FM.
Andre’s introduction to this wonderful piece of music
The Windsor Waltz
Short video by RTL Boulevard: André waltzing with the Queen’s twin sister!
April 7, 2016: André Rieu was interviewed on Dutch Radio about composing the Windsor Waltz. Read the translation of the interview on the Harmony Parlor website, Click HERE.
André’s imagination goes wild….. So funny!!
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