Frank Steijns violin and bells (page 6)
Being on tour in the USA in September 2018, Frank Steijns played, among others, the Limburg- and the Maastricht anthem on the carillon in Philadelphia. The instrument consists of only 25 bells and dates back to 1882. It is the oldest in the USA. Frank Steijns played the Maastricht anthem (second video) as the closing of the concert.
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For the lyrics of the Limburg anthem click HERE to go to Sonja’s dormant translation site.
You may find the lyrics of the Maastricht anthem on one of the Maastricht info pages of this movies website. Click HERE and scroll down the page.
February 2019. February is Carnival time. Below a funny video of Frank Steijns on the bells in the church tower of the town of Weert in Limburg. A carnival group from this town were the backing vocals.
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