WDR swap reporter

WDR - The swap reporter

14 - 18 january 2011

The German broadcast station WDR, has a program called "Daheim und Unterwegs" (at home and on the road) and a project called "Tauschreporter" (swap reporter).

The idea is to start with a small cheap item and swap this item on and on for something more valuable. Last year they started with a coffee cup and ended up with a log house worth €35.000 ($47.500). The proceedings are donated to a local charity goal.

This year the reporters started again with a coffee cup, which was swapped for a few bottles of wine, a stereo set, gold jewelry, an FC Köln watch and a valuable ring.

From here we pick-up the story and see how Hanne Jäger from Germany ends-up with a gold record donated by André. We also follow her (not so bronze) candle holders to a new owner. Watch the videos below to see the whole story.

As you might know, in the Netherlands we speak Dutch. It was very hard for us to translate from one foreign language (German) into another foreign language (English) and we want to thank Hanne in Germany and John in the USA, who supported and assisted us with the languages. Hanne Jäger and her daughter Victoria will attend the fan dinner at Friday July 15th 2011 and she'll bring the gold record. Isn't that nice to make unique photos???

Running time: 9 Minutes 30 seconds

Jan 14th, 2011: From the ring to the gold record.

Running time: 9 Minutes 30 seconds

Jan 17th, 2011: From the gold record to a Mercedes car.

Running time: 9 Minutes 30 seconds

Jan 18th, 2011: From the gold record via the candle holders to a bronze boar, but what happened to the Mercedes car?