Leo Schofield interviews André Rieu

at his home in Maastricht

Running time: 23 Minutes 30 seconds

Running time: 47 Minutes

Running time: 17 Minutes

Two interviews of Leo Schofield

from the Australian Ovation

channel with André Rieu. One of

the video's start with some

beautiful pictures of Maastricht.

These interviews date from the

end of 2007 before the Toronto


And I have added a bonus


Leo Schofield in conversation with André Rieu.

Leo Schofield visits André Rieu's home.

In the previous video we have seen Leo and André talk about the cooking skills of André.

In this video you see André Rieu preparing his favorite dish.

This video is a small section of the DVD "Welcome to my World" (Just for you).

A limited edition DVD for PBS stations in the USA from 2006.