A visit to the real "Red Rose Café"

Running time: 9 Minutes

André's version of this song (the Red Rose Café) was one of Erik's favorites.  

This song was played at his funeral.

While in Holland, Anne wanted to visit the real Red Rose Café, so we went to the town of Hoorn, where my sister Wil happens to live, and she joined us. Of course the visit brought back many memories and emotions for Anne.

The real name of the café is "Het Schippershuis" and it is opposite the harbor.

On their website: www.schippershuishoorn.nl , you can hear the original Dutch song,

sang in Dutch by the composer himself: Pierre Kartner, also named "Father Abraham".

He was inspired to write this song 25 years ago, when he enjoyed a beer in this cozy café where everybody seemed to be happy. The song became famous all over the world. Pierre Kartner is still alive and he hails from the province of…….. Limburg!

The lyrics of this song, and some additional photos and information can be found on Sonja's website. Click here to see her page of the Red Rose Café.

The video below will give an impression of the historic town of Hoorn (located 35 km or 20 miles north of Amsterdam) and the Red Rose Café. Specially for us they played André's version of this song.

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Strauss mobile taxicab in Copenhagen, Denmark?

If not, please, read the story!

It can be found on Sonja Harper's website: www.andrerieutranslations.com.  

Click "Inspired fans" and "Tribute to Erik Buch" (or click here ).

That is the story how Ruud and I met Anne and Erik Buch in Copenhagen, in 2005.

Erik passed away in September 2006.

Anne came to Holland in December 2007, and wanted to make a happy start

into the year 2008, so together we purchased tickets to attend the New Year’s Concert in Cologne.