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2016 Jul - Dec

July 2016.

Adele Geritzen created a lovely photo show of the Maastricht 2016 rehearsal and concert.

It’s under fan photo shows part 10, or click on the picture to the right.

on July 23 and 24, 2016:

The CinemaLive

satellite streaming of the Maastricht concert was shown in many cinemas in Europe.

At Ruud and Ineke’s home town The Hague in the Netherlands, something special happened!

Click on the picture

to watch a video.

On Thursday July 14, 2016,

Laura Engel performed a solo concert titled: "Laura, a life in song"

Venue: the Open Air Theatre of Valkenburg!

It was a show with a big variety of songs, from Latin to classical to musicals, and everything in between.

Laura was accompanied in this new adventure by the band 'The Latin Breeze'.

Click on the picture.

July 31st 2016:

Carmen Monarcha and

Octavio Augusto Oliviera

Were married in

Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Help Carmen to realize

her new CD project AMORE.

Click on the picture to see more photos, thanks to Rudolfo Schneider.

On June 26, 2016,

the Lift-Off percussion and entertainment group

of the Falize family performed a great concert in Heerlen, Limburg.

New and refreshing was the combination of world music and the lyrics by comedian Raymond Clement with Marcel’s personal anecdotes of traveling the world with the JSO. Click on the picture.

Posted August 2016:

Golden Oldie from 1989!!

The oldest Golden Oldie of our collection:

Tineke de Nooij’s TV years.

Tineke de Nooij (presenter) looks back on her long TV career.

From the entire program we only selected

her memories with André Rieu in 1989.

Thanks to Marc Rieu, who sent us the video. Click on the picture.

Posted August 2016:

Another Golden Oldie from 1995,

sent to us by Marc Rieu:

Angela’s Challenge.

Angela Groothuizen accepted a TV Challenge to have a bikers tunnel built in one day, in a Limburg town near Maastricht.

André Rieu was taking a bath when Angela called him to invite him to open the tunnel.

Click on the picture.

September 5th 2016:

Revival of the

Maastricht Salon Orchestra.

Click on the picture for an

interview with André

and the rehearsal of the new

Salon Orchestra.

September 12, 2016.

NDR Talk Show

(German TV).

André Rieu is one of the guests.


Barbara Schöneberger and

Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt.

Click on the picture to watch the interview with English subtitles


September 5th, 2016.

The Josti Band

(with special need people) celebrated their 50th anniversary

at a sold out Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. André gave them a surprise.

Click on the picture to watch

a short video.

September 22, 2016.

L1 presenters Ruud and Tim

called André in Argentina for a live RADIO interview by phone.

Unusual subjects: André’s hairdo,

And the mini TV concert for broadcasting company MAX

on September 30.

Click on the picture.

September 22, 2016.

Free mini concert

in Maastricht, OLV plein (Our Dear Lady’s square) on September 30, 2016.

For Dutch broadcasting company MAX. Live on TV, NPO 1, in the program “Time for MAX”.

Click on the picture for the program.

September / October, 2016.

The concert dates for Maastricht 2017 are on André’s website now! The dates will be 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16 July 2017.

October 10th 2016

- In conversation with Alex Malley,

- Sunday Night with Kerri-Anne,

- Studio 10.

Two Australian presenters visit André in Maastricht. One studio interview for Australian Channel TEN.

Click on the picture to watch the interviews.

October 10th 2016.

André Rieu in

Dancing with the Stars.



California, USA.

Click on the picture.

October 13, 2016.

Leute Heute

(ZDF, German TV)

was with André

In Hollywood.

Translation by Kyle Craft.

Subtitles by Ruud

and Ineke.

Click on the picture.

October 19, 2016.

Interview by Gay Byrne for

RTE: Irish National TV.

The interview must have taken place in August 2016 in Maastricht.

Thanks to Lorelei Hunt, who brought this YouTube video

to our attention.

Click on the picture.