The Concert, part 2

The Concert, Encores

10 year old Amira sings with André and the JSO

Earlier this year the (then) 9 year old Amira Willighagen won the ‘Holland’s Got Talent’ show, flabbergasting the jury members. Normally children of this age will sing a song from Beyoncé or Madonna, but Amira chose an aria from an opera. Please see below for this magnificent performance.

The Concerts

Below three videos with the highlights of the Maastricht 2014 concerts as performed on Friday July 4th, 2014.

Video one is before the intermission, video two after and video three are the encores.

We left-out some of the well known songs like the Blue Danube, White Horse Inn etc.

We have to apologize for the noise. The hotel celebrated a party on the balcony below us and on our room balcony suddenly were too many guests chatting.

Our video camera caught it all. Reason the more to purchase the DVD: “Love in Venice”, which is Live in Maastricht for the tenth year in a row.

The Concert, part 1

Maastricht 2014

The Concerts

Unique in the concert of Friday July 11th: André kept his promise to dance with Sister Leona, a 100-year old nun from the Maastricht Convent “Under the Bows”.

Watch the TV program “Kruispunt” (previous items) about her 100th birthday. Click HERE.

More cheerful impressions of the 2014 Maastricht concerts.

At each concert the audience found a bottle of water (and a poncho) on each seat.

100% of the net profit of the water is spent to water wells in the Third World.

“Every drop you drink from this water, is a drop for the Third World”.

What a wonderful gesture by André!!!

Eight concerts with 10.000 audience, is 80.000 bottles of water…..

Ruud’s High Five with André,

and an autograph on a (Vespa Piaggio)

Tuk Tuk Lauwersoog.

With the male choir

opera singer and

break dancer:

Lionel Von Lawrence.

He has got a fan club now!

On the picture besides Ruud, Ineke and Lionel:

Gemma and her granddaughter Janne.

Rainy concert

One rainy concert of eight concerts! That is not bad for an open air event in the Netherlands. The audience of the Saturday July 5 concert was among the winners.

They received the bonus: the addition of water to the San Marco Square in Venice.

Nevertheless we saw happy faces. It is part of an open air challenge.

Even the white dressed people from Brasserie Monopole’s terrace were dancing in the rain. Photos by Ineke, John de Jong, Berys McEvoy, Patrick Verweire

and Annie Dunnage.

Special jubilee entry….

For the tenth year jubilee concerts André and Orchestra had a very festive entry,

with Italian Vespa Piaggio Tuk Tuks. Music: Azzurro by P. Conti.

The concert had already finished

when this downpour occurred.

Dancing in the rain.