RKK. Kruispunt. 23rd March 2014

Sister Leona 100 years old.

Surprise visit to 100 years old nun.

Sister Leona, who entered the convent together with her twin sister, at the age of 18, celebrates her 100th birthday. The other sisters organized a big surprise for her, a meeting with her musical hero André Rieu. They made Sister Leona’s secret wish come true.

Amazement and laughter in the monastery “Under the Arches”, in Maastricht.

Watch this interesting video. (André appears after 16 minutes).

Translated by Ineke, edited by John.

23rd March 2014.

Dutch TV: Kruispunt.

André Rieu visits a 100-years old Maastricht fan in the convent “Onder de Bogen” (Under the Arches) where she and her twin sister have lived since they entered the congregation at the age of 18. He invited her to dance with him on the Vrijthof Square and she eagerly accepted!

Watch this interesting video below.