Maastricht 2010

Concert, interviews and fan videos

Rieu week at L1 television

Like each year, the local Limburg TV station L1 showed some specials during the week of the concerts. The reporter Jo Cortenraedt, for those who visit this site, a familiar face, will give us a glimpse behind the scenes and has interviews with André, prominent guests, entrepreneurs and fans.

OnTuesday July 13th, sparks from the fireworks at the end of the song "Adieu, mein kleiner Gardeoffizier" set off a small fire in the roof of the stage. Below the video of this event. After this song André and the JSO played the "Brazilian medley". Don't pay attention to the song itself (sorry André), but look at the faces of the orchestra members who already spotted the fire.

Maastricht 2010

Fire on stage

André walks off stage to warn the stage crew, finishes the song and then ended the evening. Next you see a brave young man from the RENTALL company fight the fire without any safety line and with his bare hands. Medal deserved!

Thanks to Doug for the additional video footage.

Running time: 5 Minutes 11 seconds

Many of us have seen on the Vrijthof Webcam that the construction of the stage has started. This year the work will be done in very good conditions, in the next days we even may expect a heat wave (for Dutch standards...). In 2008 the weather was very bad, lots of rain during the construction of the stage. We brought a lot of sausages to Clara and hence during the concerts it

remained dry. This has been the main reason for the alternative location in the MECC in Maastricht. Have a look at the video below what kind of work is involved in constructing the stage and some of the preparations for the concert.

Thanks to the local TV station L1 for this documentary (aired in 2009)

Preparing the stage on the Vrijthof

Running time: 33 Minutes 15 seconds

The Dress Rehearsal also called the "9th" concert

Like every year, on the day before the first concert, André will have his "Dress Rehearsal".

People queued for some time to get access to this (free) rehearsal.

Some like this Dress Rehearsal even more than the real concert. Like last year, the concerts will be recorded by the German ZDF (and broadcast on August 14th). During the Dress Rehearsal André does all his announcements in German. Furthermore sound, light and stage procedures are rehearsed. In the video below you see some highlights of the Dress Rehearsal. Have fun with all the re-takes of his speeches...

Note: I have translated only the important text parts, the remaining texts will speak for themselves. It's party time down here, no translation time... (Ruud).

Running time: 5 Minutes 15 seconds

Running time: 13 Minutes 20 seconds

FAN Dinner & Picnic

During the July Maastricht concerts, we held our traditional fan dinner and fan picnic.

The dinner took place on Saturday July 10th on a floating restaurant. Mr. Leers -the former mayor of Maastricht- held the opening speech. On Saturday July 17th, was our Fan Picnic in the City park of Maastricht. The video below gives an impression of these events.

Running time: 27 Minutes 26 seconds

Limbourgeois: Monday July 12th: First video of the "Rieu Week" series, a glimpse behind the scenes of the concerts and interviews with fans from all over the world (you see Ruth Morgan, Bobbie de Jong, Bill Henderson). Thanks to John for his assistance with the translation.

The second program of the L1 "Rieu week" series as broadcast on Friday July 16th, 2010.
Jo Cortenraedt speaks with André and Pierre about the "Rieu Family Company". This interview also highlights Pierre's new position within the company and new commercial ways to do business. Thanks to John for his assistance with the translation.

Running time: 28 Minutes, 11 seconds

Running time: 23 Minutes 41 seconds

The third and last episode of the "Rieu week". Entrepreneurs talk about the significance of the concerts for the Maastricht community. The Rieu concerts, together with the TEFAF art fair in March (most prestigious art fair in the world), are the most important events for the city.  Pierre will also guide you around in the MECC exhibition center and explains the new decor -a life size copy of the Vrijthof-.