We are home again and (finally) have recovered from another great "André in Maastricht" weekend.

In the week preceding the concerts, the local TV station L1 had a number of "specials" on André and the JSO, named the "André Rieu week"

Further down the page you will find some photo shows of the Maastricht 2009 events made by Ineke and the updated JSO photo show with many new faces.

Now available on this page:

- Maastricht video from the Leung family.

- The carnival song "Super Sjoene Dag"

- Pierre's guided tour behind the scenes of André Rieu Productions (Limburg TV)

- The vegemite tasting video clip.

- L1mbourgeois (Limburg TV).

- How to prepare a concert with 400 to 500 wind players (Limburg TV).

- The making of the banners, buttons, name tags, flags.

- André's funny faces slide show (dress rehearsal).

- Fifth fan photo show and Maastricht fan events.

- The updated JSO photo show.


The FIFTH FAN PHOTO SHOW. Lots of new fans! This photo show includes many pictures from the MAASTRICHT 2009 EVENTS as well. The previous FAN photo shows can be seen by clicking here.

The updated JSO photo show. Many new pictures and many new faces. If you have a picture of an orchestra or choir member which is not yet in this photo show or want to correct (or add) any names, please send the picture(s)/corrections to ineke.cornelissen@kpnmail.nl

This is a short 5 minute video which shows you what has to be done when the maestro decides to invite 400-500 WIND PLAYERS for his concerts...

Ruud wanted to make his own compilation of the 2nd half of the concert. But the local TV station L1 aired the program "L1MBOURGEOIS" on Sunday July 12th, with all the highlights of the entire concert.

Ineke's photo show made during the dress rehearsal. As always Ineke makes a photo show out of the many pictures we took. As you will see André does not need a Face Book website, he does it live on stage. THE FUNNY FACES SHOW.

In various interviews André always mentions that he employs 120 people.

Apart from the approx. 45 orchestra members, who are they? In this documentary from the L1 TV station, Pierre will give us a GUIDED TOUR through the Maastricht Studios, offices and storage facilities.

A very interesting peek BEHIND THE SCENES of André Rieu Productions.

Jann from the Aussie website organized a VEGEMITE TASTING outside the Gauchos restaurant. Two surprise guests popped-up. At the end a near unanimous vote for vegemite...

Fans on three continents prepare for the Maastricht concerts, working far apart, but close together. We would like to show you THE MAKING OF BANNERS, buttons, flag decorations and name tags. What a wonderful party it will be this year!

During the encores suddenly a group of young people jumped on stage and started to dance. This was a local Maastricht group called "De Radlers", who had the #1 carnival song of this year, called "A Super Sjoene Daag" or "A wonderful Day". We translated the lyrics of the chorus half in dialect, half in Dutch, followed by the official video of the group. We added English subtitles.

For the Canadian Leung family, Maastricht turned-out to be a family reunion. Not only Alice Leung and her parents visited maastricht, but also her brother and his wife flew all the way from Hong Kong to be part of the festivities.

Maastricht 2009

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