Several German TV programs (1)

November  2013

November 15th 2013, MDR,

Live from Leipzig, Germany.


Talk host: Ruth Moschner.

Translated by Ineke,

assisted by Kathi  

 (German web host),

and John.

On November 11th the German TV

channel SWR broadcast the program:

Menschen der Woche

(people of the week) with talk host

Frank Elstner.

One of his guests was André Rieu.

Translated from German by Ineke

and edited by John.

November  13th, 2013:

ZDF: German TV show with talk host:

Markus Lanz.

André Rieu was a guest at the table.

Translation from German language to English by Ineke, edited by John.

Chapeau Column.

This is what André wrote in his Chapeau Column of November 20th 2013, about the many interviews he did in the November month in Germany.

"In January 2014 our huge tour through Germany starts, which will run until mid-February and then immediately afterwards we will go to France. We start each year with a new program New Year's Day in Cologne. In the past year we did a lot of extra television in Germany. Two years ago I had to cancel my entire Germany tour because I was sick. So now I would like to show that we are all better again, and that we like to maintain our long and intensive relationship with the German public".

Do you wish to read the entire column in the Harmony Parlor??

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November 22nd 2013.

SWR, German TV.

Verstehen Sie Spass?

(Do you want to have fun?)

This time not Andre, but talk host Frank Elstner is the victim!

Translated by Ineke,

edited by John.

27 November 2013


André appeared in the German NDR program ‘DAS’.

A while ago, André announced that he would do things a bit more quiet, but does this include a quick flight to Hamburg by a private jet for an interview?

See the interview below.

German TV programs (1)