This page is dedicated to Erik Buch who sadly passed away in September 2006.

Erik was a taxi driver in Copenhagen. In his taxi he always played André's music. Appropriately his taxi was called the "Straussmobile".

Erik and his wife Anne lived in the Obdamsallé in Copenhagen.

Who is Mr. Obdam? Jacob van Wassenaer Obdam (1610 - 1665) was a Dutch naval captain. In 1658, the Dutch government sent Obdam and his ship to Denmark. With his help, the Danes defeated the Swedes in the Swedish-Danish war of November 8, 1658. In the "St Jacob" church in The Hague (Den Haag, where we live) you will find a funeral monument for Mr. Obdam. Unfortunately he is not buried in the church, for in 1665 the powder magazine of his ship exploded and nobody has ever seen him again. When Erik, Anne and their dog Emma, visited us in May 2006, we made arrangements to see the monument. The church is closed for the public and currently used for concerts and exhibitions. We happened to come in contact with Mrs Helen van der Weel as well. Mrs van der Weel is the city carillon player of The Hague. She plays the bells three times a week. She invited us to visit the tower and the carillon. Specially for us and our international Rieu friendships, she played the Second Waltz, in an arrangement of Frank Steijns.

You all know Frank as a member of the JSO. Erik was just recovering from an operation and did not feel well enough to climb the 321 steps.  He was listening in the street. Enjoy the video of this visit!

The Hague Carillon

Running time: 20 Minutes