On Friday Feb 8, 2009, the Dutch broadcast company RTL4 aired the program "Van der Vorst looks at the stars". Together with his

"star-team", Peter Van der Vorst visits Dutch celebrities in their own homes. They ask questions in their usual spontaneous way. May we have a tour of the house, including

the bedroom? Until now the "star-team" has been able to see the bedrooms of all celebrities  interviewed.

Will they succeed this time as well? Furthermore André reveals the truth about his castle: it is decorated with many "stolen" articles...

We will see a glimpse of a new singer for his choir and the recording of a new CD (not available in shops!). Have fun watching this video. We included the commercial which appeared in one of the commercial breaks in the program.

This commercial currently runs on the Dutch TV.

van der Vorst ziet sterren

Running time: 15 Minutes