Vienna, The city of my dreams

Vienna, City of my Dreams, is a “special” about Vienna and Viennese music, broadcast by the German TV Channel ZDF, on October 1st 2011. The entire special is recorded and released in October 2011 as the DVD named “Festwalzer” (German) or “And the waltz goes on (English). Hostess: Barbara Wussow.

Schönbrunn Palace

Viennese fiaker

Belvedere Palace

The Wiener Festwalzer, composed by André Rieu and Frank Steijns.

Running time: 19 Minutes  41 seconds

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Tracklist of the CD:

1.Wiener Festwalzer

2.Wien wird bei Nacht erst schön

3.And the waltz goes on (Anthony Hopkins)


5.Dreaming of New Zealand (instrumental)

6.Wien bleibt Wien

7.Ich muss wieder einmal in Grinzing sein

8.Tanze mit mir in den Morgen

9.La petite Valse

10.Bist du einsam heut’ Nacht (Are you      lonesome tonight)

11.Du kannst nicht treu sein

12.Valse Triste

13.Blue Tango

14.Rot sind die Rosen

15.Singing in the rain

16.We’ll meet again

17. Dreaming of New Zealand (sang by                                          Hayley Westenra)

On this CD are three newly composed waltzes:

Track 1: “Wiener Festwalzer”, composed by André Rieu and Frank Steijns.

Track 3: “And the waltz goes on”, composed by Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Track 5:“Dreaming of New Zealand”, composed by André Rieu and Frank Steijns.

The lyrics on this piece of music are by Marjorie Rieu, and it is sang (track 17) by the New Zealand Soprano Hayley Westenra. One of a kind is Track 10: Elvis’ song” Are you lonesome tonight, which is also a beautiful waltz.

Dreaming of New Zealand, composed by André Rieu and Frank Steijns, sang on the CD by Hayley Westenra. Lyrics by Marjorie Rieu.

Dreaming of New Zealand.

Lyrics by Marjorie Rieu.

Dreaming of New Zealand

Far across the sea

I feel my loved one

Staying nearer to me

Te Ika-a-maui

Te wai pounamu

Sweet sounds of Maori

Remind me just of you

Kei te aroha au ki a koe

You whispered I love you

Sweet sounds of Maori

Brought me close to you

Walking by the seaside

The ocean deep and blue

An albatross flying over

The moment I met you

We climbed upon the high cliffs

A path we'd never gone

Standing close together

We saw the golden sun

Dreaming of New Zealand

Far across the sea

I feel my loved one

Staying nearer to me

Kei te aroha au ki a koe

You whispered I love you


Reminds me just of you.


Hayley Westenra

The DVD with the same title as the CD, is the entire ZDF broadcast of “Vienna, City of my Dreams”. The German actress Barbara Wussow guides André through her hometown Vienna. Running time: almost three hours.

German spoken, subtitled in English, Dutch, French and Spanish.

The DVD has 32 tracks, a guided tour through Vienna and the making of “Toronto” with Schönbrunn decor. Highlights of this DVD: Ballad for Adeline, Wiener Festwalzer, And the waltz goes on, Komm mit nach Varasdin (Charleston dance!), and Giedre Mundinaite’s figure skating solo!

There is a 20 minutes Bonus on the DVD about the making of this special!

To watch parts of the DVD, we give you six YouTube links.

Part 1: Click here

Part 2: Click here

Part 3: Click here

Part 4: Click here

Part 5: Click here

Extra (very funny!!): Snow waltz: Click here

André’s official Australian website shows an interesting promotion video about the Viennese special, on the homepage. The famous song “Are you lonesome tonight” which is also a waltz, dates from 1926 en was performed by Henry Burr, Al Jolson and Elvis Presley. André made his own version and recorded it on this CD. Very beautiful!!

André is talking about that.

Click here to see the promotion video.

In October 2011 André released a CD and a DVD with the same cover, different music and two different names: “Wiener Festwalzer” (German) and “And the waltz goes on” (English).

The making of “Wiener Festwalzer”