Tietjen and Hirschhausen

August 24, 2013

On August 24, 2013 André Rieu appeared on the German Talkshow "Tietjen and Hirschhausen". Click on the picture to see this lively interview. Translated by Ineke, with the assistance of Entia Shadwell from South Africa and Kathrin Schumacher from Germany. What a wonderful example of Dutch-SA-German cooperation! And ladies… ha,ha, don't you dare start a conversation about the value of underpants on E-bay…

Another guest in this program is the German comedian Ralf Schmitz. We did not add subtitles, because even without subtitles it is funny to watch. Ralf invited André to assist him in his puppet-act and to move his limps while he is telling a story. André starts to put a helmet on his head before starting the sword fighting scene…. Just for fun.