On July 22nd, 2010, André took part in a three hour marathon interview. This interview was held in his castle and was broadcast live on Radio 4, the Dutch classical channel. At the same time the interview could been seen on the website of the radio program. You not only see André and the interviewer Maartje van Weegen, but also nice pictures of Maastricht and the surroundings of the castle.

We have removed much of the music (selected by André) to shorten the total length of the video. The interview will however give an impression of André's music choice. In the third part there is also an interview with Marjorie, but she will not appear in the video.

For those who want to enjoy André's music choice, we have added a fourth video containing all musical pieces. Enjoy this selection and pictures of Maastricht and the surroundings of the castle

Big thanks to Ineke and John for the marathon translation of this marathon interview.

The marathon interview

A three hour interview with André and Maartje van Weegen

Running time: 32 Minutes 26 seconds

Marathon interview, part 1

Running time: 30 Minutes 30 seconds

Marathon interview, part 2

Running time: 35 Minutes

Marathon interview, part 3

Running time: 1 hour 40 Minutes

Marathon interview, the music