LIVE CHAT, Dec.19th 2011.

Running time: 26 Minutes  22 seconds

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On Monday December 19th, 2011, André had a LIVE CHAT with Dutch journalist Wilma Nanninga, in his castle. All day people could post questions at the website. André answered some of them in his interview. Apart from the interview by Wilma, there are many scenes from the upcoming Christmas Special which will be aired on December 24th ... Stay tuned!


We held a small competition for you to estimate, or guess how many hours we need to post a 30 minutes video with English subtitles to our website (combining all hours which Ineke, John, and Ruud spend).

Before we reveal the right answer and the winner, we'd like to give you some inside information what all it entails to translate. A written article goes faster than a video. It also makes a difference whether you translate from your native language into a foreign language (that's harder than the other way around). Sometimes we Dutch do not have the knowledge of certain words/ expressions and have to consult a dictionary or use a google translation program. After every sentence we have to stop the video, write down the sentence, start again, stop again..... Ineke or Ruud do the video translating job. We are amateurs, and never studied English. We have to wind the video back and forth a lot of times, because André has a habit of starting sentences and not finishing them, or they both talk at the same time, which makes it even harder to understand what is being said. John lives in California, hails from the Netherlands, so after we have sent him the title list and the video, he listens again, checks the language, runs the video back and forth, makes corrections, in order to make it a better product. He sends the result back to us in the Netherlands. Ruud is responsible for all the technical things associated with the website. He still has a full time job. How many hours per day do you work in a paid full time job in your country? In Holland the average number is eight hours per day. In the ICT (Ruud's job) it's more. John and Ineke are retired, but very busy (like all retired people....). So the hobby job has to be done in between other business. Ineke drags the corrected subtitles into the right position in the video. As soon as André opens his mouth, they should be there! This video has about 300 subtitles!

So that is the story of posting a video on the movies site in a nutshell.

Now for the number of hours guessed!!! It was a huge joy to read all your messages from all over the world. A lot of names we had never seen or heard of before! We have a wide spectrum of viewers.

The response was huge! Weren't you all doing your Christmas shopping, decorating or baking??? We received 82 messages with guesses, running from 2 to 168 hours (with a headache) and anything in between!!

In the meantime Elke de Waal, a professional video translator from Maastricht, wrote a message in the Harmony Parlor Guestbook. She said she needed 9 hours for a 30 minute video. She generously offered her services whenever needed. We'll sure take her up on that!! She can probably teach us a faster way, who knows!!! Great offer, and thanks Elke!

The exact number of hours we worked on this video is:

19,5 hours.

Now we have a small problem. Nobody guessed the right number of hours! Nobody with a 19 too!! What can we do?? Four people guessed 20 as closest number. We only have one spare Andre Rieu Magazine....  We decided to draw lots on those four names (Liz from Perth (Australia), Jenni from Geelong (Australia), Margaret from the UK, Laurie from the USA). To ensure fair play, Ruud was my witness!

So the winner of the Andre Rieu Magazine is......... DRUM ROLE......


Congratulations Margaret, will you please mail us your address where we can send the glossy to??

Thank you all for participating this fun contest!! Merry Christmas and an enjoyable, musical 2012!!

Ruud and Ineke.