Pierre’s Hobby

His vast connection of WWII cars and memorabilia

What a difference: Pierre a few years older, a hair cut, glasses and two children. But one thing has not changed: his love for WWII memorabilia. Part of his dream will come true this summer, a (temporary) display of his collection. Currently there is an exhibition of Pierre’s collection in the National Liberation Museum 1944-1945 in Groesbeek.

His dream is to have a permanent museum for his collection in the Maastricht region.

During the weekend of June 11th we will visit the museum in Groesbeek and update this page with pictures of his collection on display. For now enjoy a video where Pierre and André show the warehouse in which Pierre stores and restores his collection. The video is part of the DVD “Just for you / Welcome to my World” which was made for PBS.

It is dated 2006

Running time: 17 Minutes  45 seconds

If you have trouble watching the above video, click here for instructions.

On June 5th 2011 Ruud and Ineke went to the NATIONAL LIBERATION MUSEUM (Nationale Bevrijdings Museum) in Groesbeek, to view the historic army vehicles from Pierre’s collection. Groesbeek is in the eastern part of our country, near the German border. We received a few requests from fans on how to get to there, when they are in Maastricht next July for the concerts. We’ll give you the directions below.

The exhibition of Pierre’s army vehicles will be available until September 2011.

We chose Sunday the 5th for our visit, but did not realize that June 6th (1944) is commemorated as “D-DAY”, the day the Allied Forces landed on the beaches of Normandy (France) to free Europe from the German occupation. (The liberators of the Netherlands were mainly British, American, Canadian and Polish troops who freed us, between September 1944 and May 1945). To our surprise a long column of historic army vehicles arrived in front of the Museum. They came all the way from England, via Normandy (France), and were accompanied by the Dutch Organization “Keep them rolling...”

We like to share some pictures with you!!

The Museum with Roll of Honor.

Photo’s: all Pierre’s collection:

1. DUKW 353 (1944), American amphibious vehicle, used for river crossings.

2. Humber Snipe (1939), Staff car produced in the UK, also used by General Montgomery.

3. GMC CCKW 353 (1944). American truck, built by General Motors Company. Also used as field kitchen, first-aid post....


Go to the Maastricht Train Station and buy a return (roundtrip) ticket to Nijmegen for €36. Take the train on platform 3, which departs every 30 min,e.g. at 9.56/10.26/10.56/11.26/ etc. to Roermond (a 30 minutes ride). In Roermond you’ll arrive on track 2 and have 8 minutes time to go to platform 3b, to take the train to Nijmegen (another 90 minutes ride).

In Nijmegen, go to the bus station, which is located on the left as you exit the train station. Take bus # 5 (to Groesbeek-de Horst), and buy a bus ticket for €3 from the driver, and ask for the stop “De Oude Molen” (the old mill). The bus ride takes another 20 minutes, so the total travel time will be about 2 ½ hours. “ De Oude Molen” is a hotel, restaurant, and camping. There you turn left, onto the Wylerbaan. After a 3 minute walk you’ll see the museum on your right.

To return to Maastricht will be the same way, but in reverse. The bus stop is at the opposite side of the road and the bus now has a sign on front indicating: Beuningen/Aalsterveld. Exit the bus at the Central Station bus stop.

Bus station in Nijmegen.

Hotel-restaurant De Oude Molen, as seen from the bus stop. Turn left into the Wylerbaan.