Christmas concert by Mirusia

December 19th, 2010

Running time: 23 Minutes

On Sunday December 19th, 2010 Mirusia gave a small concert at the Dickens festival in Drunen, a small town in the province of Brabant in The Netherlands. She also presented her new CD "Always and Forever" to the Dutch public. This CD is officially not available in The Netherlands, but the local music shop "Music and Movies" is currently the only shop where this CD is available.

This concert also marks the release of Mirusia's Dutch website: www.mirusia.nl (also in English). European citizens can order her new CD through this website. Making this a bit easier than ordering in Australia.

Mirusia's personal message for you, at the end of the video clip, is the icing on the cake!!!

One question from the audience: How can you preserve your voice in the cold?

Her answer: "I have not the slightest idea!"

Mirusia told the audience she had purchased her hat in Canada!