Premiere Movie "Marina"

About Rocco Granata.

November 2013, Genk, Belgium.

Premiere Movie "Marina".

André attended the premiere of the movie "Marina" about the life of the Belgian/Italian singer Rocco Granata, who composed the world hit "Marina" in his twenties.

André reveals the plans for his own full length movie…

Thanks to Benny Geets and Chris Deelkens from Belgium, for sending us the video and the articles. Translated by Ineke and edited by John.

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Below you will find an article from the Belgian Magazine "THEMA NIEUWS" from December 2013. It contains information about the Hasselt concert of January 4th 2014.

Hasselt is a city in Belgium.

André Rieu: I like classical music for everyone.

After the overwhelming success of the past years, André Rieu will again perform in Hasselt (Belgium). On Saturday, January 4, 2014, the Dutch grand maestro and his Johann Strauss Orchestra will again perform a wonderful New Year’s concert in the Ethias Arena.

"An exclusive concert for Belgium," according to André Rieu, who loves to come to Belgium. "It has become a tradition to perform in Hasselt during the Christmas Holidays."

André Rieu and Hasselt are like......the musician and his instrument. One cannot exist without the other. Ever since the Ethias Arena (Hasselt concert hall) opened its doors, André Rieu has performed here during the Christmas / Sylvester period. This year is not any different. With that in mind, Thema News approached André Rieu for some good conversation. About music of course. Or what did you think?

With the onset of darker days and colder nights, Hasselt may again look forward to a topconcert by André Rieuin the Ethias Arena. Does this feel like a tradition with you too?

André: "You may say it has become a tradition. I do not know exactely how many years I have been performing here in the Ethias Arena, but without a doubt it has been many years. I suspect I have been coming here as long as the Ethias Arena has been in existance. The people look forward to it every year just like I do. Our concert here was the first mega event in this venue. Meanwhile, the yearly concert has become an annual tradition".

Yet, in a certain sense there seems to be a break in the tradition. This year, no longer a Christmas Concert, but a New Year's concert in 2014.

André: "That's right. In previous years, I always performed here around Christmas. Around the 20th of December, if I can recall. This time this tradition will be broken. For the first time the concert will shift to the New Year. Actually it does not matter much. On 4 January 2014, the JSO, under my direction,  will play just like every year with great devotion in order to bring the people a wonderful evening with music that fits to the Christmas / New Year's period. It is all about the music which will be perfect for the Holiday Season.

The January 4th concert is exclusive for this country. That is quite an honor for Hasselt.

André: "It is indeed an exclusive concert,  because currently there is no other concert scheduled in Belgium. That makes it even more special. In the past we have also performed during the Holidays in Antwerp and Brussels, but that's no longer the case in 2014. Those who would like to see and hear us in Belgium, should come to the concert in Hasselt. It's the perfect day for an exclusive concert, since January 4th is the last Saturday of the holidays".

Reportedly it will be a special edition. Could you give us a hint?
André: "People who attend our concerts more often, know that I like to invite guest performers. And this year is not different. Surprise acts are always fun, not just for the audience but also for us as musicians. I still remember that several years ago, we came to Hasselt with 400 brass players. The audience did not expect that. I know people are curious, but unfortunately I can not reveal anything more."

We've heard that Rocco Granata will sing ...
André: "Well, I might reveal just a small secret then......: Rocco Granata is indeed one of my guests of this evening. I used to close all of my concerts with his world hit "Marina" and it would be fun if Rocco would come and sing along. It was fantastic that Rocco immediately agreed. It is also nice to know that Rocco is currently in the spotlight due to the movie "Marina" about his life. Rocco is a monument in the music world, a worldwide hit."

We can say the same about you. They call you the “King of the Waltz.” What did you do to deserve that title?
André: "As you may know, I am an admirer of Johann Strauss. In his time he made classical music very accessible to all Austrians, including the common people. Bach and Beethoven were totally different. But the Strauss family made classical music ​​popular for everyone. I love that. Everyone during that time enjoyed the Viennese waltzes. I'd like to continue that with my concerts."

The name Rieu is sometimes disparagingly used in the world of classical music. Does that bother you ?
André: "No, not all classically trained musicians agree with my views on music, but that is not important. Again: my highest priority is to have as many people as possible accessible to classical music".

Successfully, because you belong to the top of the best-selling musicians in the world. Not surprisingly that they call you a master in terms of sales figures, when you dwell in the company of the Madonna's of this world.
André: "It is nice that so many people love André Rieu and the Johann Strauss orchestra. That proves my point of view that classical music does not necessarily needs to be "heavy", in order to be good. On January 4th, we will show this again in the Hasselt Ethias Arena. It is going to be a great musical feast."

From Andre’s website:

Hasselt is in Belgium. Hasselt is located approximately 30 km from the City of Maastricht.

Hasselt is the capital of the Flemish  Province of Limburg. Hasselt is rich in history since it was founded  in the 1200's. The town museums highlight the culture and many aspects  of the history of Hasselt. Excursions in the city can vary from the Japanese Gardens to one of the ten museums in the City such as the Fashion Museum. It's pedestrian city centre, numerous shops, quality restaurants and good nightlife all make of it a congenial place to stay. Indeed, in 2004, Hasselt got the title of "most sociable city of Flanders".