Third picnic.

Saturday July 19th. We estimate that, once again, about 70 fans attended the gathering. It was a very hot day, unusual for the Netherlands. By the time Al Girard took the group photo, many fans had already left. Our documentary-maker was there again to interview fans, as was another lady doing research about the André phenomenon. We have been organizing fan events for 10 years and no one noticed (except for the fans of course) and now we are suddenly in the limelight. We were happy to welcome Mireille Jourdan from France, because she had not fully recovered from a knee replacement. With the help of André fan Josette Morlet, she finally managed to travel to Maastricht.

Second picnic.

The second fan picnic took place on Saturday July 12th. We met with about 70 international fans in the City Park. We were greeted by the unexpected sight of a big fallen tree that had taken up our usual fan picnic space!!

Maastricht 2014

Three Fan Picnics

First picnic.

On Saturday 4th we had our first fan picnic (of three this year). It was a rainy day and we had only 15 people, but we still had fun. The presence of two animals was remarkable. Suddenly a bird of prey crashed into the ground next to us. We were shocked, because we thought it had fallen out of the nest in the trees. We decided not to do anything and we hoped that the parents would feed it until it could fly. But we were wrong. The bird flew away with a mouse in his beak….. Amazing how they can spot a mouse through the leaves of trees and catch it…. Next, a fisherman caught a really big carp from the pond with the fountain…. After having showed the fish around, he returned it to the pond. So we had a memorable first picnic in the rain. Al Girard was not yet in Maastricht, so we had no group photo taken.