Friday July 10th. Although we knew for a few weeks already, André finally announced that he became a grandfather. The wife of André's oldest son gave birth to a baby boy named Ivan.

In the days leading up to the concerts, the local L1 TV station has a daily André special. On Wednesday July 8th, André answered questions from pupils of the local music school. One of the girls asked how he felt that he would become grandfather. André proudly told that the child was already born and showed a picture on his iPhone. The full program will be translated and put online when we get back home.

Saturday July 11th. Some highlights of the first half of the concert.

André assembled the largest brass band of Limburg. The Vrijthof is a big square but 400 brass players is a lot of noise...

Sunday July 12th, part 1: During the Maastricht concerts there are a number of FAN events. In the past five years they have become a tradition.

On Friday evening there was a FAN dinner. On Saturday there was the FAN Picnic in the city park. See the video above for some of the highlights of these events.

Sunday July 12th, part 3: Jann from the Aussie website organized a Vegemite tasting outside the Gauchos restaurant. Two surprise guests popped-up. At the end a near unanimous vote for Vegemite...

Sunday July 12th, part 2: Ineke's Photoshow. As always Ineke makes a photoshow out of the many pictures we took. As you will see André does not need a FaceBook website, he does it live on stage...  Sorry there is no music (yet) with the photoshow.

Monday July 13th. The idea was to make my own compilation of the 2nd half of the concert. On Sunday the local TV station L1 aired the program 'L1mbourgeois" with all the highlights of the entire concert.

Monday July 13th. The concerts come to an end. Just two more, tonight and tomorrow night. Unfortunately tomorrow I do not have time to provide a daily update, so this party will last for two days!

Enjoy the video like we have enjoyed the concerts and above all the (renewed) friendship with fans from all over the world!

See you again in July 2010!

Thanks to Al Girard for providing me with some additional video footage.

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