On Thursday July 3rd, André surprised us with free entrance for the dress rehearsal. It was fun to see him at work, correct mistakes, replay some pieces, discussion with the producer, light- and sound engineers. All intros to the various pieces were done in German, since the concert is recorded by the German television (ZDF) and will be broadcast later this year. During the real concerts André wanted to do the introductions in his own Maastricht dialect. Rumors are that later this year a DVD of this concert will be released! Mirusia sang a number of traditional Australian songs. See those -otherwise stiff- choir members of the Maastrichter Staar hopping like kangaroos! And the very, very impressive piece "Conquest of Paradise", sends shivers down your spine! And what about a 13 year old girl playing trumpet like a pro, André certainly has a nose for talent!

Enjoy this video.

Maastricht 2008, the concert.

Running time: 45 Minutes