And several other Limburg TV programs

L1mbourgeois of July 6th 2014.

Impression of the first Vrijthof concert on Friday July 4th 2014. Duration: 12 minutes.

L1mbourgeois of July 7th 2014 (Special).

Jo Cortenraedt joins André for a walk through Maastricht. Duration: 45 minutes.

L1mbourgeois of July 8th 2014 (Special).

About the company André Rieu Productions and the impact of the Vrijthof concerts on the entrepreneurs and the city of Maastricht. Duration: 45 minutes.

Royal Male Choir Maastrichter Staar

A review on the unforgettable Rieu performance in 2008. Duration: 8 minutes.

Singing in the rain!

Saturday July 5th 2014 was the only rainy concert out of eight concerts.

Watch the short video below. Duration: 3 minutes.

Translations by Ineke, edited by John. Thank you John!