Ruud and Ineke meet

German web host Kathi

Running time: 7 Minutes 40 seconds

April 2009.

Ruud needed to be in Berlin (Capital of Germany) in connection with his job. I joined him for a private weekend, since we had not been in Berlin for over 10 years. Kathi, webmaster of one of the two German fan web sites, lives there and had always said:

"If you are ever in Berlin, let me know"! Well, we did, and we spent two most enjoyable days with Kathi and her friend Ghislain. The first day we went to Potsdam, a town near Berlin, where there was a tulip festival in the historical Dutch district. We experienced the historical Holland of a century ago, in Germany. Very funny! The second day we spent sightseeing Berlin and eating German food. Have a look!