Jubilee book André Rieu 30 years

Running time: 20 Minutes

During the second half of August 2010, the Dutch newspaper "Algemeen Dagblad (AD)" released a book called "André Rieu, King of the Waltz". This book describes the 30 year career of André with his Salon Orchestra and later with the Johan Strauss Orchestra. Also included is a DVD with highlights of his concerts, and a 20 minute peek behind the scenes. This is never before seen material, primarily recorded during the period of the South African Road Soap. Many of you have received the book by now and are wondering what André says in this documentary. Watch the video below to find out...

In this video you see the famous Dutch celebrity photographer Govert de Roos capturing images for the front cover of the CD "You Raise Me Up" and for the jubilee book. Govert is also responsible for the pictures of André, Pierre and the newborn twins Lieke and Linde.

The book was only available in the Dutch language and destined to be mailed in the Netherlands only. The AD newspaper was not equipped to ship abroad. Still many foreign fans expressed a desire to receive the book and asked Ruud and Ineke for help. We contacted the newspaper, ordered a certain number of books and arranged a mailing session from our house in The Hague. To decrease the mailing costs (which were amazingly expensive!!) We mailed the books from Germany and at the same time had a nice get together with Elke and Nino Freitag in Bad Bentheim (Germany).