"Magical Maastricht" Ice sculpture festival.

Running time: 3 Minutes 12 seconds

Many of you will have seen the big white tent on the webcam of the Vrijthof in Maastricht (located behind the Ferris wheel). This tent houses the ice sculpture festival themed around Maastricht and its most famous son André Rieu. This ice sculpture exhibition is part of "Magical Maastricht", a series of winter events in the month of December. In the program "Tijd voor MAX" of December 2nd, 2010 there is an interview with the organizer of the sculpture festival. We will be visiting "Magical Maastricht" later this month, after which we will add an update to this page. John is enjoying a mini holiday, so.... sorry...

no corrections in the translation.

Running time: 2 Minutes 32 seconds

Our impression of the Ice Sculptures (or playground...)

On December 21st 2010 we went to Maastricht to see the ice sculptures. There we met the Brincat family from Malta: Anna, Joe and their son Andrew. Our granddaughter Natascha joined us. It was freezing cold and hot punch kept us warm!