Get Well Wishes for André: March/April 2012


Estamos aguardando voce no Brasil e na torcida para seu breve restabelecimento.

Dolly e Edison.


Dear Andre!!!  We miss you so much... Get well soon.. a lot of hugs from Brazil. Maria-

Luiza and Silvana Lucato.

Kære André. Jeg ønsker dig en rigtig god bedring, lyt nu til din krop og ta dig tid til hvile og rekreation. Jeg har fået venner for livet pga din vidunderlige musik.

Her er Holland og Danmark forenet. Love/Knus, Anne Buch

Dear André. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Please listen to your body and rest all you need. I've found friends for life due to your wonderful music, Here is Holland and Denmark united. Anne Buch (now living in Sweden).

Ghaziz André,

Hsiebijietna dejjem mieghek. Nitolbu ghalik kuljum.

Xewqat biex tfieq malajr. Inhobbuk hafna!!!

Dear André,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Hope you feel better soon. Take care, we love you lots! Love,

The Maltese sisters.

Josephine, Pauline, Mary.

Dear Andre,

Sometimes it's tough to slow down when you have to,and hard to stay put when there's so much to do! So try to relax while you're not feeling well.Hope soon you'll be back to the same healthy you. Thank you for your beautiful music. You have given me happy memories for 15 years. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and see you in Maastricht again this year. Ruth Morgan, USA.

In Australia in 2011 The Seekers sang "I'll Never Find Another You", but André, We Will Never Find Another You! Wishing you good health now and in the future.
Rhonda from Western Australia.

Lieber André,

mit diesem Blumengruss möchten wir dir eine kleine Freude bereiten. Werd‘ bitte wieder ganz gesund – Du fehlst so sehr. Aber nimm dir die Zeit die Du brauchst; irgendwann gibt es ein

Wiedersehen – und das ist das Wichtigste. Viele liebe Frühlingsgrüsse senden dir

Elke und Nino aus Münster, Germany.

Ich würde Dich auch niemals hängen lassen, weil Du mir mit Deiner Musik schon so viel gegeben hast und mich immer wieder aufgebaut hast, wenn es mir nicht gut ging. Dorte Marscheider from Germany.

Dearest  André. I hope you are resting and recovering well. Looking forward to seeing you in Maastricht. Love Anna Gray from Scotland.

Lieber André. Wir, deine Fans, machen wir jetzt grosse Sorgen um deine Gesundheit. Wir freuen uns auf deine Konzerte. Aber, bitte, gönnst Du dir so viel Zeit, wieviel Du brauchst zu deiner Genesung! Wir warten auf Dich. Meine Gedanken sind immer bei Dir. Aus meinen ganzen Herz wünsche ich Dir viel Kraft für gute Erholung.

Jitka and other fans from the Czech Republic.


Click HERE for a Jacquie Lawson Card Well Wish by Carol Drummond from Canada.

All your Geelong Fans wish you a speedy return to good health.

Rainbows always follow the clouds. Jenni Cullen, Australia.

Enviamos nossa solidariedade ao caro maestro Andre Rieu


Vera Lupion.

Dear André, from your many millions of Australian fans we wish you a speedy and complete recovery from your latest setback and hope that it never returns. I am personally playing a DVD of one of your concerts every day thereby sending my thoughts and prayers to you and Marjorie in the hope that you will get better, we all need you Andre to see you perform live is one of this worlds greatest pleasures. I hope to see you in Australia soon. Edgar (and Beverly) Pendleton.

A Tribute to George Harper.

I had the pleasure of meeting George his wife Sue and son Connor last year when he came to Sydney for some treatment. We had a very pleasant few hours chatting over lunch and treat getting to know one another. The cancer he has is able but not curable but George will fight right to the very end.

He came across to me as a man of high principles and morals, he loves André Rieu and the JSO so much with his music seemingly keeping him going. George is not well at the moment, so your thoughts and prayers for this lovely man would be much appreciated, love you mate. Best wishes Edgar Pendleton.

Dear Andre,

Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery,

looking forward to the concert in Glasgow 12/12/12.

Best wishes to you and all the family.

Love from Bonnie Scotland.

Margery Hamill.

(On the picture with granddaughter Rebecca, on the way to O2 London in 2011).