On Friday January 29th, 2010 the TROS television showed the episode of "Flikken Maastricht" (Cops of Maastricht) in which André plays a prominent guest role. In the picture above you see him with Floris Wolfs (played by Victor Reinier) and Eva van Dongen (Angela Schijf). During and after the Maastricht 2009 concert shots were made by the crew of the program on the Vrijthof and at André's castle.

A child disappears, a stolen car stopped and in a bag traces of explosives, a mad fan with dangerous plans, the whole police force of Maastricht on alert, a lady rushing onto the square and disappears in the crowd and is Bruno Gabriels, André's body guard (and Johan's nephew...) really that secure?

The bomb explodes and André is taking care of Eva van Dongen...

A Police series? Or a look behind the scenes of a concert... See for yourself.


In the video there are hints to the fact that Wolfs is a wealthy man with a lot of money.

In the previous episode there was a shoot-out with criminals in the new Entre-Deux shopping center opposite the entrance of Hotel DuCasque. At the end, Wolfs walks off with

the suitcase containing the ransom and disappears for a short while. When the suitcase is

opened, the money is gone. Everyone thinks Wolfs has stolen it.

I have cut out the remaining story lines in the video, but hints to the money remain.

Thanks to John for assisting in the translation. We did the first part and work was continued while we slept, by John. So it is a real day- and nighttime European/American production.

Flikken Maastricht

Running time: 42 Minutes

Running time: 23 seconds

Running time: 8 Minutes

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