Margreet Dolman interviews

André Rieu

Talking about “Holland” André means the two densely populated North- and South- Holland provinces in the western part of the Netherlands. These are the provinces with the three biggest cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Haag (The Hague). And yes, viewed from the province of Limburg, they are situated in the north!

Running time: 33 Minutes

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This interview originally appeared in the Vara-gids, the magazine of the Dutch broadcast company VARA. The accompanying video appeared on the VARA website and is never broadcast on TV.

Margreet Dolman is a character played by the Dutch actor / comedian Paul Haenen. He/she is dressed in his/her “Victor and Rolf” outfit (a couple of famous Dutch fashion designers). The interview took place in a relaxed atmosphere in André’s castle. With her innocent appearance, she challenges André in telling just that little bit more…