We saw Laura Engel perform for the first time and we were really impressed!

What a wonderful voice!! Carla and Carmen were not there. Mirusia, Suzan and Laura were the soloists and André announced her as Laura d'Angeles from Chili. What a passion, what a soloists and of course the Platin Tenors.

Traditionally in Cologne during the encores, André and the Johann Strauss Orchestra play some songs about Cologne. The audience sang along enthusiastically! Specially the song of the city soccer team: "Viva Colonia". They could not stop singing!!!

Watch our video clips! From our side seats  we were able to film the singing, clapping, swaying, and cheering of the audience in front of the stage.

On January 2nd, 2008, Ruud, Ineke and Anne Buch travelled by high speed train

to Cologne (Germany), for the New Years Concert.

Gemma and Nand from Belgium came too.

We stayed one night in a hotel in Cologne and during our stay did some sightseeing. The concert took place in the Köln Arena. We were not seated in the hall but on a riser, one level up on the right side

of the stage. We had seats behind the railings, where we were trapped!

We could not go down for the encores! We did see a few German fans (Maria, Beate) on the field, but we could not reach them for a chat. We brought our concert scarves and

we found an unexpected opportunity to attach them onto the railings, but had nothing to attach them with!

Fortunately John and Mario (of the André crew) helped us out.

New Years concert,

Cologne 2008 concert

Running time: 4 Minutes

Running time: 3 Minutes