Cinema Heerlen, November 24th 2012

Home for Christmas

On November 24th 2012 Ineke, Ingrid, Janny and Thea went by train to the Limburg city of Heerlen, where the film (DVD) “Home for Christmas” was being screened live via satellite to 175 cinemas across Europe (UK, Ireland, Denmark, Romania, Belgium, the Netherlands and Iceland). André was there in person to answer questions from fans. Richard (in England) and Ineke taped the Question and Answer session for this website, but André uploaded the entire 30 minutes on YouTube and in a better quality! So….. Thank you André for saving us a lot of work! The hostess is Charlotte Hawkins from Sky News.

Cinema screening

“Home for Christmas”

One night only: Saturday November 24th at 6pm (CET) or 7pm (EET).

The Live Satellite Cinema Screenings will take place at the same time in 175 cinemas across Europe: in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania, Denmark, and Iceland. The Dutch town of Heerlen will be the Host Cinema. André will be there to answer questions from fans. The live Question and Answer session will take 30 minutes.

For more information click HERE to go to André’s official website.

Wow! After the show, on our way to the exit, we suddenly met André in the Cinema hall, in a very relaxed and natural way. We Dutch, are fans since 1992, but this is Ineke’s first photo next to André! We had a memorable weekend in Heerlen! A wonderful film and a special surprise. We celebrated this highlight in one of the bars, with a wine or two…..

Running time: 27 Minutes

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Running time: 7 Minutes

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L1mbourgeois November 26, 2012

Jo Cortenraedt of the local L1 television joined the cinema viewing as well. André drove his car to Heerlen and Jo interviews him during this trip. As always: thanks to John for assisting us with the English language.

Having coffee. You can see the cinema Roijal in the background.