On Monday November 1st, 2010, Onno Hoes was inaugurated as the new mayor of Maastricht. Mr. Hoes is a career politician and until recently worked for the province of Northern Brabant (north of Limburg). Mr. Hoes is married to Albert Verlinde. We all know Albert as the anchorman from RTL Boulevard. Furthermore he is a successful theatre and musical producer. For those who do not know, same sex marriages are possible for quite some years, and fully accepted, in the Netherlands. The video below shows various shots from the Limburg L1 television and RTL Boulevard from the past three days. This includes the inauguration, an interview with Pierre and the first interview given by André after he became ill.

Inauguration of Mr. Onno Hoes as mayor of Maastricht

And first interview with André after his sickness.

Running time: 7 Minutes 15 seconds

To help the new mayor of Maastricht to feel home in his new residence, we'll give him the lyrix of the popular Maastricht Song of the Jolly Good Singers. Since we cannot write Limburg dialect ourselves, we'll write just ordinary Dutch. Mr. Hoes: please practice to sing along. It is a MUST for the July 2011 Maastricht concert series!!

Maastricht is niet breed, maar Maastricht dat is lang,

Maastricht is de stad van de gezellen van de zang.

Niks is te lastig, niks is te zwaar,

Maar vriendschap, dat is nou juist

De kracht van het koor!

Good luck, Mr. Hoes!