After her first book "André Rieu, My music, my life", Marjorie (André's wife) has written a new book "Dreams come true". A German twin visiting André Rieu.

Two great fans of André, the twin sisters Ramona and Rebecca have dreamed for years of visiting their idol at home in his castle and see him at work in his studio.

Click here if you are interested in the (English) version of this book, which is available from André's boutique.

The first video is a small clip from the gossip show "RTL Boulevard" as broadcast on December 3rd, 2009.

André reads from the book....

The 2nd video is from the gossip "Shownieuws" broadcast later that same evening.

André teaching Ivan how to react to the press....

Thanks to Kathi from the German site http://andrerieu.npage.de/ for bringing these broadcasts  to our attention.

Introduction of Marjorie's new book

"Dreams come true"

Running time: 1 Minutes 40 seconds

Running time: 2 Minutes 45 seconds