André in between his sisters Teresa and Cilia,

near his house of birth. (1951)

This is the house Plenkershoven 11 in December 2012.

For sale?

André’s castle, December 2012.

The “scaffold” season decoration

Photos by Ineke.

André's real birthhouse

André Rieu’s Listed House of Birth WRONG!

Limburger, Nov.2nd 2012: Incorrect information was published by the Tourist Office (VVV) regarding the Maastricht Musical Route. The white house at the Begijnenstraat 1, is NOT the real birthplace of violinist André Rieu, but the house at Plenkershoven 11, in the Maastricht quarter of Jekersdal, is. This information was confirmed by André’s younger brother Jean-Philippe. To read the full article in the Harmony Parlor, please click HERE.