Episode one: The preparations leading up to the Melbourne concert and the appearance of André Rieu and the JSO in the Australian version of "Dancing with the Stars". The little girl offering André flowers when he arrives at the Melbourne airport is Isabella, the granddaughter of Jann (the lady in red), who runs the Aussie fan website:


Episode two: The preparations for the Melbourne concert continue. This time we will see the training of the Ice Dancers and how difficult it is to skate on artificial ice. Due to the high outdoor temperatures it was not possible to use real ice. Furthermore André receives a painting from a fan and he visits the JB Hi Fi shop in Melbourne to see the DVD sales with his own eyes. Earlier on André had warned the orchestra about poisonous spiders. At the end of this episode Sanne got terrified by a spider on stage which André squashed for her on the tune of the music.

Episode three: Mirusia lets André listen to a two year old girl. Then André and Pierre take Kerstin's ten week old baby to the zoo to see a koala, see what "damage" a koala can do! Furthermore we see JSO members enjoying a day off. And both Mirusia and Garry becoming very emotional after singing in their homeland.

Episode four: Will rain, lightning and thunder cancel an open air concert? A gift really appreciated by André, and where was Tanja during the Australian tour? Ineke and I attended the Sydney concert on Saturday November 29, 2008 and there we heard why Tanja was not in Australia. At that moment Roos already had left to go home. Watch the video and find out what happened...

The fifth and final episode of this road soap. This time it is all about the media craze around the Australian tour, André receiving an award for two million CD's/DVD's sold, Mirusia and Carmen reacting to the failing microphone of Susan, André's appearance in Neighbors, how much time it takes for André to come up with another crazy idea and the tear at the end of the concert. The broadcast of this final episode in The Netherlands was followed by the full Melbourne concert. Before and after the recording of this concert, Ivo Niehe had an interview with André, Pierre and Mirusia.

This interview can be seen here.

In November 2008 the Dutch broadcast company TROS showed a three part road soap leading-up to the first concert in Melbourne. Click here to see these initial episodes.

As of May 22nd, 2009 the TROS will air five new episodes, this time with a look behind the scenes of the Australia 2008 tour.

Running time: 25 Minutes

André Rieu on his way to Australia

(The May 2009 road soap)

Running time: 26 Minutes

Running time: 26 Minutes

Running time: 25 Minutes

Running time: 25 Minutes