In November 2008, André and the JSO

appeared in a number of TV shows and

interviews in Australia.

Margaret (aka "Mother Superior") has

sent us a DVD with all these programs.

Below the three video's we have digested

from all these appearances including our

"13 seconds of fame" on the Aussie TV!

First part: André is interviewed by Tara Brown from Channel 9, then by Michael Veitch of ABC1 and finally his appearance in "Dancing with the STARS".

Second part: André and the JSO with a live performance  

on Federation Square in Melbourne

Running time: 35 minutes.

Running time: 22 minutes.

2008 Australian Interviews

Melissa Doyle presented André an award for 2.000.000 DVD's/CD's sold in Australia.

If you look closely, in the next item you will see our "13 seconds of fame" on the Australian TV! And finally a look behind the scenes during André's appearance in "Neighbours".

Running time: 24 minutes