André is Back!!

Antwep November 18th, 2010

Running time: 13 Minutes

André is Back!!

Finally, on November 18th, 2010 the concert in the Antwerp "Sportpaleis" we all have been waiting for! During his speeches, André did not mention his sickness or absence. Before the show he was very stressed, on stage he appeared to be himself again and afterwards André said in a Twitter message:

"Just arrived home. It was a great show and I Really have the feeling that I am back! Can't wait for the next show! It felt so good tonight."

Two items worth mentioning: André has a fourth grandchild, a granddaughter named "Fleur" from his oldest son Marc and his wife. Fleur was born in the beginning of August (we knew about it for a while, but allowed André the honor of presenting her).

Second item: Mirusia had a new song, "Don't cry for me Argentina". See an excerpt from this song in the video.