On December 29th, 2009 the Dutch TROS

showed the special "André and Friends".

What is so "special" about this "special"?

Why is he dressed in an orange vest?

Why was this concert never in his agenda?

Why are there 30.000 people in the

stadium and not a single ticket was sold?

Why is there not a single familiar face in

the audience?

Why do some call this the "New Year

concert 2010, while that concert was on

Jan. 1st and 2nd, 2010 in Cologne?

Running time: 23 minutes

The answers:

This was the performance of September 6th, 2009 in the Amsterdam ArenA.

The concert of Sept. 5th was a public event. The concert of Sept. 6th was purchased by a Dutch lottery and the audience all won tickets. That's why André is wearing an orange vest, the spectators orange scarfs and the JSO members orange highlights. Orange is the color of this lottery. It was a very lively audience.

By now we all have seen the Schönbrunn decor and concert.

We have selected some of the special highlights of this show.

André is concerned and cares about the environment and nature. During the "Intermezzo Sinfonico" you see beautiful images of André leaving his house and walking up St. Peter's mountain behind his castle. Hoping that he will be able to walk in this environments with his grandchildren, like he did when he was a child himself.

In the second piece we see the comedian André van Duin. This time not as one of his characters, but as himself. Apart from being a comedian, André van Duin is a gifted singer.  At the request of André, André sings a melancholic song "Het Dorp" (La Montagne from Jean Ferrat). It's about an old village where modernization has taken over the memories of the past.

During the last song "Adieu mein kleiner Garde Officier", André van Duin participates in his usual way...