From: Nieuwsbank, June 6th 2013.

Thanks to Entia Shadwell for her assistance with the English language.

Between June 28th and July 14th 2013, the Vrijthof will be the setting for a concert series by Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra. Every night the Maastricht violinist will turn the square upside down. Not only in "his" city; he knows how to touch audiences word wide and he performs for sold-out stadiums. How does he do it? This also intrigued Maaike Meijer, professor of cultural and gender studies. She initiated an investigation to "the secret of Rieu". Especially for concert goers and lovers, the researchers will present the Andre Rieu Academy during two afternoons on Friday July 5th and Saturday July 6th 2013, with lectures, music and discussions The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences from the Maastricht University is housed at the address: "Grote Gracht 90-92", roughly 200 meters from the Vrijthof. Presently three scientists from the Faculty are investigating the "secret" of Andre Rieu. Why does he succeed in bridging the gorge between "high" and "low" culture and getting large audiences interested in classical music? The research brings arts, science and cultural history together. The Andre Rieu Academy is the research group's first activity: an afternoon with lectures, music and discussions for all people who are interested in cultural history and music. The lectures are meant to provide an in-depth analysis of what you are going to hear and experience during the Vrijthof concerts.

The research  group consists of Maaike Meijer, Peter Peters, Louis van den Hengel, (Faculty of Culture and Society Sciences) and Jac van den Boogard (Social Historic Center for Limburg).

When and where??

The Andre Rieu Academy takes place on Friday July 5th and Saturday July 6th with the Faculty of Culture and Society Sciences, Grote Gracht 90-92, in the Gymnastics, in Maastricht. The program’s duration is from 2pm to 5pm. Tickets for 10 Euros per person, include coffee, tea, a snack and a glass of Prosecco to finish the afternoon.

Registration: info-gender@maastrichtuniversity.nl

André Rieu in Academic Spotlights

July 2013, Maastricht.


"Why are many women taken with me? I really don't know. A University of Maastricht professor called me a few weeks ago and she wants to scientifically study this exact question. I am very curious about the answer and I will call you back when she finishes her studies (Laughs). I think it could be because I have a lot of woman in me".

CLICK HERE to read more about what André thinks to be his "secret"…..

(Article in Canberra Times (Australia), May 2013: "What I know about women").



And the fans???

They never think of an in-depth analysis!

They just open their hearts and enjoy an unforgettable night of beautiful music, show, humour, spectacle, entertainment, passion and emotions. All created by a charismatic conductor and violinist, leader of a brilliant orchestra.