André cancels UK/Ireland and

Australia/New Zealand tour

On Monday Sept. 20th, 2010, Pierre announced that André was still not recovered enough to do the UK/Ireland and Australia/New Zealand tours. Pierre appeared in numerous Dutch news/gossip programs to explain what's going on. We have selected some of these programs for you. We thank John for his assistance in the translations.

On Monday the Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf" published reactions from readers who wanted to create a fund and donate money to support André. As can be seen in the videos, Pierre declines the offer for any direct support, the company is healthy enough to survive for some period of time.

André always said: "I live in my dream". Unfortunately he now experienced a nightmare.

What can we do to help and indirectly support André?

Suggestion 1:
In the next weeks two new DVDs will be released: Maastricht 4 ("A Midsummer night’s dream") and the concert on the island Mainau ("Roses from the South"). Let's all buy some extra DVDs. Perfect (Christmas) gifts for friends and family! To maximize the support for André the suggestion is to order these DVDs through the Boutique on the André Rieu website.

Suggestion 2:

If you hold tickets for any of the canceled concerts and have not yet re-claimed  the money, and want to donate it to André: write a personal note on them, and send them to:

    André Rieu Productions,

    Attn: André Rieu,

    P.O. Box 1329,

    6201 BH  Maastricht,

    The Netherlands

(as suggested in the TV program "De Wereld Draait Door" of Tuesday Sept. 21th, 2010)

Your concert is canceled, what to do next?

First of all, please have some patience. André Rieu productions is working with the venues to re-schedule these concerts. Typically tickets will remain valid for these re-scheduled concerts. If you do not want to or cannot attend these concerts you are likely to be re-funded. Please keep an eye on the André Rieu website or watch your mailbox for further information. Both re-scheduling the concerts and organizing the refund will take some time to arrange.

Again, please have some patience.

Running time: 2 Minutes

Running time: 2 Minutes 40 seconds

Running time: 3 Minutes 41 seconds

Running time: 13 Minutes 11 seconds

Sept. 20th, 2010: SBS6 ShowNieuws

Sept 21st, 2010: L1 news program

Sept 21st, 2010: RTL Boulevard

Sept 21st, 2010: Pauw en Witteman

A longer interview with Pierre who attended the program "Pauw en Witteman" later in the evening. Half way Pierre gets very emotional.

Just after the intro of the program you see a small part of the program "De Wereld Draait Door -DWDD-" as broadcast earlier that evening.

Running time: 9 Minutes 47 seconds

Sept. 29th, 2010: L1mbourgeois, full interview with Pierre

Running time: 3 Minutes 42 seconds

Oct 2nd, ZDF LeuteHeute